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Assalamualaikum, As an Accident is a part and parcel of our daily life we may face it at any time. Are you searching for an accident-resistant life saving app? So thinking of your accident as well as safety for the first time in Bangladesh we have launched/brought a life saving Accidental Mobile App which name is "Life Tracker BD".

If any Biker,car or normal people face any accident then automatically a phone call & sms will go to your registered relatives/friends/favorite persons through app's motion detector. For women security purpose, another feature/system has been added......

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Who We Are

Life Tracker BD is an automated application capable of generating automated SMS and call measuring your phone motions. This app will help you in your road trip to daily transportation security.

Key Features

We never compromised about User’s safety and security. It is one of the best app that you are looking for your travel Safety. Install the app and travel safely.

Rider’s Safety

Bike accidents are the most common case in our country. And when it occurs we can’t find any help immediately. That’s why we created the RIDER’S SAFETY feature which will help you by notifying the emergency alert to the saved numbers. This app will generate automated sms and call measuring your phone motion.

Women Safety service

In our society women safety is the most talkative fact! But there aren’t any proper safety services for them. We made this feature to ensure their safety facility while traveling or in daily transportation.

Automated Call and SMS to Preferred Contact Numbers

In an emergency situation we often become confused about calling someone for help. Also s/he can be busy or out of reach! For such emergencies we are offering you this feature which will give you several contact number saving facilities such as an Emergency Number, immediate calling and texting services to send alerts.

Real-Time Location SMS

hrough this feature your saved contacts will get an automated SMS of your exact current location. So that they can send help or come through.

We have included all important & emergency numbers in our app, not only that, it will suggest you based on your location , so that you can find those faster.


  • 1. How to download it?
    You can download the app by simply clicking on the download button from you web.
  • 2. Is it Free?
    Yes, it’s a free application specially created for women and men’s travel or personal safety.
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